Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm ENGAGED!!!!!

While some of you never thought it would happen, myself included... I asked BriAnn to marry me on the 13th. She strung me along but finally said YES!!!...I don't think she had any idea I was going to ask her that night. We went out to eat and had great food. Ever since BriAnn has met me she has wanted me to take her Ice skating so..... After eatting we went to the Ice sheet and skated around. Long story short before we left I skated to center Ice with her and pulled the ring out of my pocket , got on 1 knee and asked her. She started crying and hugging me and of course she said YES.. The next couple months will be crazy to say the least. We decided on December 4th. So the next few months involve Hockey(of course #1 :) ) School, homework, work, overtime, and planning for a wedding and honeymoon and moving my stuff around to have BriAnn move in. So heres looking to the future and on to bigger and better thing....

Here is a picture of the ring and BriAnn acting supprised.

Here is a picture that Jason took ok us. It turned out great I think.....

Hope everyone is doing well and that things are going great for everyone!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Time flys / So much going on

Well it has been a long time since I have posted anything. So I will give a quick summary and hope to post pictures later. Last thing I posted was me finishing the basement. Well I decided to have Jason tile the upstairs Kitchen and Dinning room and run the tile in the family room by the back door. It looks great, Now I just need new carpet in the end family room and I really should be done.
Next thing I havn't posted about is that I have a GREAT new girlfriend(well we have been dating now for 17 months or so) Her name is BriAnn and she is AWESOME. I will for sure get some pictures of us on here. We took a little trip to San Francisco and had such a great time. I will have to put some pictures of the city that we took.
Other then that I have been working alot and trying to get out of debt. Hopefully it will be soon so I can have time to blog some more.
Hope everyone is doing great...
oh one more thing.. You all should check out me little sisters blog. She talks about how great of a brother I am :) and there are some pictures of back when I was cute

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally Done

So I am finally done with my basement. I went and picked up my sectional today and got it all set up. I has been a while in waiting but am thankful for all those that helpped me out. I have such a great family and great friends to put up with me and helpped get the basement looking as good as I think it does. Here are a few Pictures:

This is the new carpet on the stairs. Also, I painted the wall on the left with help from Jason.

View from the far end by the bar.

This is looking towards the bar area.Granite counter top, Cabinets, Sink, fridge and candy machine in the new bar.

New sectional for the basement. A little light but I hope it will work out ok.

Sectional with the recliners all out.

And one last one.

Air Hockey table and crossed hockey sticks for the old man.

Staci and Martin came over and helpped me set up my air hockey table. I played Stac and kicked her butt!!!(13-4).

Thanks again for everyone that helpped. MOM-washing the walls, going with me to pick out my sectional, Jason -EVERYTHING(bathroom, bar, carpet, sectional and putting up with me. Brandon-demo and bringing the sectional down stairs, Stac and Martin helpping me put together the hockey table. Amanda for listening to me complain that I wasn't sure everything would work out and helpping me pick out carpet.

If I forgot you I'm sorry but know that I love you all so much. I know it is different from the old basement which we spend many great times in but, I look forward to making many special memories with all of you in the new basement. I wish the old man was here to see how it looks and enjoy it all with us.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holidays/NEW YEAR 2009

Well It's been about a month or so sense my last post so I thought I better write something. Christmas was great this year I got all 5-6 things I asked for and then my mom gave all the kids these kick butt emergency buckets with ton'z of stuff in them so that we will be safe. Thanks mom and Doug for a great Christmas. Also from a family member Gayla got my name (I think she always gets it) But we did kind of a food storage gift with a 1-2 dollar gift so Gayla got me again just what I wanted, Lemon heads, some burritos and this awesome little police man kit with a shield, chest plate and a baton.

Mom and Doug flew out to North Carolina at 2 on Christmas day so I hung out till about 7 and then Brandon and I went and saw a movie.Also Derek was in town my friend that is going to school back east for the holidays. It was great to see him and talk about old time when we worked together at my old job BC Sales. I was able to pull him away from the family for a little while and take him to the Jazz game. It was a lot of fun the Jazz won which makes it that much better. I'm grateful to stay in touch with him cause he is such a great person and had to work/put up with me for 6 years.


So with the new year upon us I have been thinking for a while now of going back to school because I'm so close to getting my associates degree and I love to learn.....Just kidding well it's all true but I'm going back cause I miss playing Hockey. Weber State is doing great this year and I love coaching but I still have that drive of wanting to be out on the Ice in big moments. So I am trying to get my butt in shape so I can prove that a old man like me can still play. I still have to see if I can work it out with work and everything and if the coach will even let me on the team.

The basement is still coming along getting closer and closer. I should get my cabinets in on Tuesday the 6Th and Jason has already picked up my counter tops and I must say they are going to be cool. After that it is just carpet and small stuff. I will keep everyone informed and take pictures when it gets closer to being done. Here are a few pictures of Puck and my Present.

It's to cold to go outside

I am so good looking, I'm just going to stand here and look good.

Here's to a lick'n good year and another on the way



Also for the start of this new year I want all my friends and family to know how much I love them and how grateful I am to have such a great family and great friends that put up with me. You all help me out so much and I would be lost with all of you. Mom for being mom, Jason and Brandon for all his help on my basement, Sara and kids for watching Puck. Staci and Gayla for letting Mr. Puck out when I'm at work. Martin for fixing my crap computers. All the kids for letting me pick on you and knowing I still love ya. Nick, Mike, and Jeremy for being my best friends and letting me hang out with you guys, and Amanda for still keeping in touch and helping me with everything your the best!!! And if I left anyone out like my cousins and such know that am grateful for you also . Again I hope you all know how much I love you and how important you all are to me.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Portland / Seattle Football trip

The 3 guys at the Football game. Great weekend

So for a awhile now I have been trying to get Nick to take a trip with me to Portland and see how cool it is. He on the other hand has been trying to get me to a Pro football game. This year we finally did both. The Washington Redskins(Nicks favorite team) played in Seattle so we planned to fly to Portland then drive up to Seattle. Some of my best Friends Mike and Amber live up there so it worked out great. Mike and Amber were nice and let us stay at thier house for a few days then all 4 of use headed up to Seattle. Saturday we all meet up with one of Mike and Ambers friends so they could get thier pictures taken so me and Nick just walked and around and chilled. Later that night we went to a hockey game(Amber was bored but thanks for going) then went back to our hotel. Sunday we woke up and Nick, Mike and I headed to the game while Amber chilled at the hotel. The Game was so cool the atmosphere was crazy everybody wearing a jersey or something team orinted. The Redskins won so that was nice for Nick cause he was decked out in his Redskins hat and Jersey. After the game we headed home. We watched a movie when we got back to Portland and then the next morning Mike was nice and drove me and Nick to the airport. Thanks to Mike and Amber for putting up with us and letting us crash at your place as always it was so good to see you both and hang out. I wish we could do it more. Thanks to Nick and Jaime(for letting him go)for finally being able to put together a great trip. It was so fun to all be back to gether like old times and talk about the fun old days we had. Heres to MANY, MANY more to come. Maybe we can all plan somthing next year.

Here are a few picture of Seattle the guys and the football game

The 3 of us sitting on a ledge that is like 30 feet up.(Thanks Amberly for the picture)

Mr. Nick with the Seattle Space Needle in the back ground

Just me with the Seattle Space Needle in the back ground

So this is Mike and Amberly. As they were walking to another place for pictures I yelled to Mike and this is what turned out. Thanks again!!!

Here is a picture of the Redskins 2 best players. Nick like #26 alot and wore his jersey to the game and I like the other pplayer for his number :)

Whats a football game with out CHEERLEADERS!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

He Shoots, He SCORES!!!!!!!

Well It has been a little while sense my last post just been busy with work and traveling with Weber State Hockey. Last night Brockton called and told me that he had a hockey game up at the Ice sheet at 7:45. I called my mom and we rode up together to his hockey game. We got there just as the game was starting. Brockton was starting Left wing for the 2nd game in a row. He has been skateing better and better as he gets more and more Ice time. So as the game went on the other team scored first which has happened in almost every game so far this year(his team is a young team and not very good yet). Then a couple minutes later Brockton was standing in front of the net and the puck came right to him he pulled it to his back hand and slide it right under the goalie. I was so excited I yelled pretty loud (which I hardly ever do) he finally had scored. You could tell he was happy also as he came skating out of the pill with his stick raised high. The game was tied 1-1. A few minuted later there Brockton was again right by the net and again the puck came to him he dribbled a little then he shoots, he scores goal number 2. I was very happy to see him get 2 goals and be playing so well. However it was short lived ans the other team came storming back to take the lead, and go on to win the game 6-3. Brockton finished the game with 2 goals and had a assist on the other goal. 3 point night not to bad. Good job Brockton you played so good hopefully there is more to come.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis

So, really fast I just want to wish my little sister a very Happy Birthday. I can't believe how old she is. Stac I love ya and I want to thank you for being not only being my sister but my friend. Thanks for making me laugh when we talk by using boy meets world phrases or other lines from greeat movies. Hope you have a great day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY